April 12, 2000



Chuck vs Car, Car Wins


I was sort of planning to write tonight about my day at the airshow with Steve and Bob, but I find myself a bit delayed and in no condition to write a full-blown journal entry. There was this car tonight, see, that wanted to occupy the exact same bit of real estate that I happened to be occupying. The car won.

I'm okay for the most part -- nothing broken and no serious injuries -- but I'm hurting pretty good right now and I don't even want to think about later, when the morphine wears off, Two fingers on my right hand are pretty chewed up, my right thigh and forearm -- which took the brunt of the impact -- are deeply bruised and swollen, and the worst of it is my ass, where I apparently sprained or bruised my tailbone landing on it after my car-induced cartwheel.

I'm beat, I'm hurtin', I've got to go lie down. I'll give a fuller report later.

Lesson learned tonight: Don't play in traffic.