February 10, 2002



More Fun & Games


Can't talk now, gotta run. Got a flight to Dallas at 8:19 tomorrow morning out of Burbank and my car's picking me up at 6:45. Yeah, that's only 1 hour and 34 minutes before my flight, about 26 minutes after you're "supposed" to be at the airport to allow time for the Tweezer Patrol, the X-Ray gantlet, and the ever popular cavity search. I'm going to end up arriving at the airport with only about an hour to spare. Gasp! Whatever will I do???

Probably get on the plane at about 8:00, maybe 7:55. Because here's the big secret about air travel in the sticky morass of post 9/11 airport security: It's not that bad. Just don't pack nail clippers.

Anyway... I'm on the road for the next week, but I felt I should put up a new entry before I left. I don't really have time for a full entry, though, so I'm cheating: half entry/half goofy webcam shots. It'll have to do for now. I'll probably write on the plane, so stay tuned for another entry in the next couple of days straight outta Dallas!

In the meantime, here's me and my spawn.

The whole famn damily!