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Pain, nausea, guests. Need I say more?

Tuesday - December 22, 1998

Sorry, kids, but I think I need to take a brief hiatus here. Just a couple of days, probably, just long enough for some semblance of control to return to my life. Control of my immune system, control of my spinal column, control of my household. Little things like that.

I'm getting hit with a triple whammy: I've thrown my back out again, I'm coming down with whatever Zoe and Beth had (complete with "flippy" stomach), and my Dad and half-sister are in town for Christmas. When I'm not paralyzed I'm holding down lunch and when I'm not holding down lunch I'm making someone else lunch and when I'm not doing that I'm paralyzed again. Find time to write an entry and then climb upstairs to do it? Ha! It doesn't look good for young Chuckie. In the words of the doc in Blazing Saddles: "That leg's gonna have to come off."

See ya soon... In the meantime, why not enjoy some nice warmed-over chuck'stake reruns?


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