Entre Nous

February 28

  Swoosh! Just in the nick of time, I slide in under the wire and get an entry up before February has slipped by in utter silence.

"And there was much rejoicing" ...or there would have been if I hadn't alienated most of my readership with my slothful ways. Ah well, at least I have you, my few remaining Gentle Readers. We're a small group now, so let's snuggle in and get cozy. Since it's just we few now, this entry will be a Very Special chuck'stake, just between us.

Let's see, where did we leave off? Ah, yes, the dreaded Bone Company. Did Chuck throw integrity to the wind or did he knuckle under to the corporate beast? I knuckled, baby, with a vengeance. I managed to wring not one bit of leeway out of PacBell and have agreed to their oh-so-kind six month payment plan, but at least I stayed true to my moral code. Do I consider it a victory? I do not. But what can I say? I gots ta have my modem line. I want my ISP! (And my credit rating, too.)

Probably the most interesting thing going on for me right now is my new job. I've completed my training and am now a fully certified Customer Care Representative for AT&T Worldnet Service. Tranlation: tech support geek. I've been "on the floor" taking calls for about three weeks now. It's not nearly as bad a job as I thought it would be. It's occasionally interesting, I get to feel like a hero for helping octogenarians in Ohio get connected so they can send e-mail to their grandkids, it's lazy work and short shifts compared to my grip days, and the hours go by quickly. The biggest drawback is my schedule: I start work at 4:30 a.m. It's insane. Me, a nightowl, getting up at 3:15. That's when I used to go to bed. At least I get off at 1:00, so that gives me the rest of the day to work on personal projects. But don't think that balances it out. Nothing can make up for getting up at 3:15. Nothing.

I'll say one thing, though. This job is giving me a whole new insight into the level of stupidity out there in the world. It's scary out there, kids. You wouldn't believe it. Really. You've heard the old saw about the guy using his CD-ROM as a cup holder, right? I never really believed it, but I do now. And you know what? That guy's one of the smart ones. I now fervently believe that some people should not be permitted to own a computer, let alone play with sharp objects. I talk to them every day and they are truly amazing. I'm considering creating a sidebar on this page to feature the more incredible stories I have to tell. I think I'll call it "Doy of the Day" or something like that.

But that's something for further on down the road. For now, I have to wrap this up, load this up, and toddle off to bed. It's 9:00 p.m. now, bedtime for unfortunate wretches on the West Coast working East Coast hours. Me, for example.

Until next time (within the next day or so, I promise!), Thanks for using AT&T...





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