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There's more to the story than what little I've written, of course. You'll want to hear about the casket truck, and the cloudburst, and how this almost turned into the Denny's World Tour. You'll want to see the pictures. You'll want details, man, details!!!

Gimme a break. I just drove 484 miles and I'm freakin' tired. Plus which, the pictures aren't ready. Steve's going to be busy in the darkroom printing his for the next few days, and I'm going to put the gang down at Photo Hut on red alert for mine. Once the pix are ready and Steve and I have our stories straight, we'll be putting a up joint chuck'stake/Evaporation chronicle of the event.

Watch for it. Like a hawk.


Sunday - May 23, 1999

We tried, people, we tried. But we failed. Order has not been restored to the universe, entropy still reigns supreme. The Mojave Booth telephone is still busy.

We drove 484 miles there and back today to hang that damned thing up, but our hearts sank as we rounded the bend and saw The Booth. Even from 50 yards away it was clear to see: the phone was ON the hook. Damn.

We got out and checked around, looking for an easy fix. We checked the wires from the pole to the junction box, I broke into the junction box to check the wires in there, we checked the cord to the receiver. Everything appeared to be as it should, yet the phone was dead. Far above us, atop the telephone pole, we could see some wires sticking up into the air where they joined up to the wire running down the pole to the junction box. Maybe that's where the problem is. Unfortunately, I'd left my climbing spikes at home, so I couldn't go up to check it out. I would have if I could, believe me.

I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it was to actually be there at the Booth, to know that people were trying to call in, and not be able to take those calls. We were that close, the calls were that close, but we were cruelly foiled by a PacBell glitch. All your dialing was for naught.

But our driving wasn't. We didn't get to hang the phone up, but we did reconnoiter the situation. We have established that the phone is out of order. Tomorrow I will be calling Pacific Bell Repair Services to report a line outage. Steve will do the same. Two repair requests = double the urgency on performing the repair. This wouldn't be happening if we hadn't gone out there. But for us, no one would know the phone is out of order. You're welcome.

Our new mission: stay on PacBell's case until that phone is fixed. Balance will be restored to the universe; that is our solemn pledge. And once the phone is working again, we'll go back again.

We've seen The Booth. Now we want to hear it.


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