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SportsNight is back. Oh yes.

I'm taking on a new mission for myself this season. My mission is to funnel every single solitary television viewer in North America to ABC at 9:30 pm on Tuesdays. (To watch SportsNight, obviously. If your local listings are different, then I trust you to make the appropriate adjustments.)

If you're a Nielsen viewer, you have a heavy responsibility. I call on you to watch it twice. The future of excellent television is in your hands. Use that power well. Use it on SportsNight.

Any questions? Good. Get to work. Gentlemen, start your remotes...



Tuesday -- October 5, 1999

This entry is on hold while I think about it a bit. I'm having second thoughts about what I originally posted. Details, perhaps amendments, to follow...




Nope, it's staying down. The next entry explains why.


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