Tap Tap Tap...Is This Thing On?


July 29, 2002


It's me. It's a journal entry. Kinda scary after almost two years. I'm not saying "I'm back" but more like sticking my toe in the water--a little tester.

Round about last August 28, the one year anniversary of my last post, I toyed with the idea of putting something up. I had a clever title for the entry (which now escapes me) and everything. Then the day came and went and I never managed to put anything up. Then nothing truly momentus happened worth writing about and each day it got easier. Especially since my esteemed husband wasn't among the frequent updater clubs either.

Then he put up a few entries. Guilt was seeping in. He would ask me when/if I was going to post. He'd get the same answer he gets when he asks when I'm going to quit smoking. Soon. I said it with the same conviction and sincerity.

Apparently, not so much.

Well, then it got really easy not to post.

First I lost my notify list because whoever it was I used to use merged with Yahoo Groups and I never answered any of their e-mails nagging me to do something which I didn't really pay attention to, and when I finally got around to trying to do whatever it was, my list was gone, kaput. (So, you faithful 25 or so who check here on a semi-regular basis are the only people on the entire planet who have any idea that there's something here.)

Then, since it had been so long, I completely forgot everything I knew about putting an entry together. My software vanished in some computer reconfiguration or something.

Then I figured if I was going to write an entry I was going to want to redesign this whole site since I'm tired of how it looks and I haven't exactly been the intrepid quilter. Well that task seemed so overwhelming it was easier to do nothing.

There you have it. Not the best rationizations, but mine. You can go a year without sex, but can you go a day without a good rationalization? I thought not.

So, what have I been up to for the past two years? Approximately 1136 loads of laundry; 2190 pet meals (yes, the pet population has grown at Casa Atkins); gained, lost, and gained the same 20 pounds; had long hair, short hair, and longish hair; no bangs, bangs, no bangs, and bangs again; brown hair, red hair, and brownish blonde hair; been through kindegarten and first grade; gotten two more tattoos; consider a former child star as one of my close girlfriends; and have fallen more deeply in love with my family than I could have ever thought possible.

Not too bad. Things are good. The hub is working a regular gig which takes him out of town a bit too much for my taste, but you get used to anything if it goes on long enough.

OK, I think that's enough for now. Part of that whole getting the feet wet thing. Now that I've done this one, perhaps the next one won't be so terribly hard to do. I still have to look at my home page, figure out which links work and which don't, figure out how to update that...ut oh, Photoshop may be involved, and if that's the case, you'll never see this entry, and a few sordid tidbits.

Wish me luck.

Until next time...