More Hangabergs

August 4, 1999

Yesterday Zoe and I starting picking out her Halloween costume, since it's never too early. As other catalogues are sure to be arriving soon I'm sure the decision will change. These three year olds are so fickle.

But, as it stands now, Zoe is going to be Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

The costume includes a turquoise, sequined, strapless gown-looking-thing that gathers mid-calf and then kind of flares. It also has a crown.

At 7:00 last night Zoe left the house and Ariel moved in. Ariel informed me that Zoe will be back on Friday night. She spent most of the evening calling for Flounder and Sebastian, and doing mermaid kinds of things. The temporary mermaid outfit is my leopard chiffon scarf tied around her, sarong style. And nothing else. She even wore it to bed last night (though mommy insisted on the addition of a Pull-up).

As of this writing, Ariel still inhabits Zoe's body. Frankly, she's much better behaved than Zoe so I'm not unhappy about it, although bath time did run a bit long.

Since this entry seems to be turning into All Zoe, All the Time, I thought I'd share some of the other Zoe-isms that have found their way into our every day life:

Hostipal: this is the place where you go in an emergency to seek medical treatment. Zoe also thinks this is where the doctors live. Zoe has been to the hostipal three times. Once to be born, I'm pretty sure that she doesn't remember that trip though it left quite an impression on me and Chuck. Once for stitches right after she started walking--highly traumatic for mom and dad but I don't think she remembers it. The last trip (see this sidebar, though the entry is quite wonderful too) clearly left quite an impression though, because now in addition to knowing and talking about hostipal's, there is a distinction between good and bad doctors. She loves her regular pediatrician--good doctor. Hated the doc who saw her in the ER--bad doctor.

Percules: this one would have taken longer to figure out had she and Chuck not been watching the movie he is the title character of. Coffee pot, Greek (or is it Roman?) God, or the Mr. Coffee of ancient times?

Sturbing: as in, "The dogs are sturbing me momma." She hangs her do not sturb sign on her door when she goes to hotels.

Big Money: quarters. In relation to the other money I guess it is big. She hasn't seen the new quarters yet. I got one and thought I got a slug. I don't think she'll like them either.

TVV: This is what we watch cartoons on. Hers must be twice as nice.

Morote Control: what is used to change the channel on the TVV.

This is actually my second entry for today. I wrote a long, rambling entry about my ongoing jury duty experience (let's just say it's nothing like TVV), but have decided to save it for when I can share with you all the juicy facts.

Until next time. . .