On Display Collaboration for
December 1999
The End of an Era, Beginning of a New One



December 31, 1999

My assignment for the month:

The collaboration for December is to create "The On Display Year 2000 Time Capsule"

Everyone is to contribute something -- an image, a bit of text, or whatever best illustrates your mindset at the end of the millennium.

As usual, I've waited until the very last second to work on my collaboration. OK, they're not collaborations in the true sense that everyone contributes a bit to the overall. In reality, a group of very talented people write on the same topic.

My mindset at the end of this century is interesting and surprising, even to me.

I wasn't up for a big to-do. Didn't want to do one of those round the world, cross the timeline 57 times cruises. I didn't feel the need to be with huge crowds. I wanted to be home. With my family.

I know that like the rest of us, from the time I was very little I would calculate how old I was going to be at the turn of the century. 40. Nice round number. Good.

What was life going to be like? The Jetsons perhaps? Well, I figured that wasn't likely but I thought it would be fun. "Rosie, please tell the cyber-meal-preperation-unit that I'd like some Venusian Beef Wellington for dinner."

It's not like that. I'm a wife, a mother. I have a family that loves me, that I love with all my heart. Not too damned bad.

My feelings and emotions have been very on the surface all day today.

I was checking various Y2K sites when I woke up this morning. I found one with nifty web cams situated around the world, broadcasting the goings-on (I can't find the site anymore or I'd give you a link). I was looking at Tokyo, the Pyramids, Sydney Harbor, and London and found myself getting very emotional.

I tuned in MSNBC in time to see Big Ben strike midnight. They alternated coverage between The Millennium Dome in Greenwich, and the festivities taking place along the Thames, between Tower and Vauxhall Bridges. I wanted to watch that. Sister #1 was there, along with hundreds of thousands of onlookers. I felt like I could be there with her. I was trying to tell Chuck that my sister with among the crowds and got completely choked up.

We will spend tonight with family, at our home. We'll have a delicious dinner, play some games and enjoy each other's company. It will be peaceful. OK, not the raucous New Year's Eve celebration's of my past, but like the celebration's in the future. Surrounded by loved ones.

So, to sum up my feelings at the end of this century. . . I'm happy. I'm basically content with my life and where it is and what I'm doing and how it's going. I'm excited to see what the next century holds for us all. I'm filled with anticipation and good feelings about it.

I wish you all the Happiest of New Year's.

Until next time...

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