Princess Cut
It'll grow back. . .

June 7, 1999

Just to update everyone, we made it out alive from FSotMDaD. He veered from the tried and true and, true to form, dinner was not what I would classify as delicious, or frankly even edible. I had bread and butter mostly. But, as promised, dessert was yummy.

Sister #2 was not there. In her place was my dad's schizophrenic friend. Chuck said he would see her standing in the middle of living room and then suddenly jump, turn around, and look over her shoulder.

Just because you're not paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you.

Never before have words rung truer.

Today was picture day at Zoe's school. In preparation for this grand event we spent a lot of time last night, Zoe and I, picking out the perfect dress.

Zoe is a very girlie girl. She loves to have her nails polished, her hair done in hairdo's, and we often play "salon". This mostly involves pretending to wash our hair and then making it into styles.

There was also much discussion as to the absolutely perfect hairdo for this momentous event. We decided on a princess ponytail. This is far to complicated to explain but trust me, it's cute.

Another thing about Zoe. . .all the best things in life are the things princesses do and have. Princess pajamas, hairbrushes, pony tail holders, dresses, wands, beds, etc. Almost anything she has can be described as princess (fill in the blank). This is my own fault. I may have created a monster.

It started because if there was something I wanted her to do/have that she didn't want, if I told her it was the princess thing then she immediately had to have/do it.

So, this all started as parental blackmail and I fear it is backfiring on me. Big time.

Anyway, back to picture day.

I mentioned last night to Chuck that I was going to trim the Zoe's bangs before she got her picture taken today. They were getting a little on the long side. Well, we got home later than anticipated and I decided the bangs could wait.

Well, I forgot to communicate this to himself.

When I spoke to Chuck at about 10 this morning he informed me that he had taken it upon himself to trim her bangs. I was afraid.

My first question should have been why but instead I went for, "How short?". "Just above the eyebrows," he said.

In my family, when you end up with really short bangs they're referred to as Mamie Eisenhower bangs.

I was prepared for Mamie to be looking back at me from what should have been Zoe's school pictures.

Then Chuck said something that REALLY scared me. He told me he thought perhaps a hairdresser shouldn't get a glimpse of his handiwork for a while. "Until it grows out a little bit."

Now I was very afraid. I remained the picture of cool on the outside. It was too late to do anything about this. It is only hair after all, and it will grow back.

The whole way home tonight I anticipated the worst.

Her bangs are short but they're not too bad. He did a pretty good job.

Until next time. . .