Feeling Better
Injecting a Little Humor

June 17, 1999

Because sometimes my husband thinks things are going to be funnier than they are in real life, when giving me my evening dose of crazy-making hormones last night, he thought it would be absolutely hysterical to use the syringe like a dart. I'm here to tell you, there was nothing even remotely funny about this.

I've been amazingly stoic through both rounds of injections, but last night I nearly went through the roof. It HURT LIKE HELL!!!! My butt is still aching.

I'm certain he'll be more careful tonight.

Having taken the day off today, pretty much from life, I'm feeling better. Last night I informed Chuck that no chores would be done today.

Many times I've taken the day off from work and ended up spending the day doing laundry, or other such glam chores. None of that for me today.

After a trip to my favorite fabric/quilting store, Q is for Quilts in Burbank, where I picked out some material for my next creation, I went to the movies.

I never get to go to the movies anymore. Chuck and I get the rare movie date but I've probably been to the movie theater 20 times in the last three years. We used to go to the movies several times a week.

When we do go now it's usually a compromise picture. Sometimes I want to see the same thing he does but usually one of us is unhappy. I try to make it him more than me since he goes to the movies on his days off while I'm at work and Zoe is at school.

I know you're all itching with anticipation to know what I saw--Notting Hill. Loved it. It was just what the doctor ordered.

My visit to the movies was prefaced with an hour-long conversation with sister #1 (the one in London, not the lunatic one) so I almost felt like I was visiting her.

When I was visiting #1 about 3 years ago (just before Zoe was born) we went to Portabello Road, where the movie is set. I hadn't been since my last trip to London many many years before. I love it. I loved the movie.

There will be no reviews, no spoilers, nothing but to say I really liked the movie.

I actually did a minor chore today--went to the supermarket. If not, my many animals would have staged a major coup d'etat since there was no more pet food. So it wasn't a chore, it was self-preservation.

All this to say I'm feeling better today, although I'm certain a day at the office is going to ruin it all. I'm off again Monday so maybe I can make this last and go to another movie!

Until next time. . .