html hell
Some observations

June 22, 1999

I'm very new to all of this html stuff. I will be the first to admit that without the substantial assistance of my hubby this journal would not be.

I use Dreamweaver to write my entries but how they end up on the web remains a mystery to me. I either go up to Chuck's office or ICQ him and tell him my entry is ready. Then he tells me about the typos I made, fixes them, and poof, voila my mental meanderings are here for you all to read and enjoy.

Chuck is pissy with me for updating so often. This is rubbed in every night when I ask him to upload my entries. He said that it makes him look bad. What can I say? I'm more disciplined then he is.

I do my entry the same way every time. I have to, or I forget some step and then none of the links work or I've linked my back key to some porn sight or something almost as embarrassing.

I'm still getting the hang of this.

I sat down to write tonight's entry and proceeded to completely wipe out my template and yesterday's entry. How did you do this? I can hear you all wondering. I have no clue. I managed to recreate this but not without some aggravation. I also managed to download yesterday's entry and save it and life was restored. It was a small trip into html hell.

I know, really fascinating stuff Beth.

Well, I can't promise brilliance every day.

A few random thoughts and tid bits. . .

You can't cry if someone is kissing your belly button. It is just not possible. Zoe and I tell each other this about 10 times a day. It's our little mantra. Regular kisses work, but raspberries are best.

We have a new addition to our household--a NordicTrack ski machine. One of my coworkers gave it to me. It's not as easy as it looks. It is just the latest in a long series of exercise equipment I swear I'm going to use and finally get into shape with. No bets on how long it takes for this to turn into a valet.

My husband drove 500 miles round-trip to hang up a phone in a phone booth that no one uses, in the middle of nowhere. I don't pretend to understand this but I admire him for having done it. Apparently this is fascinating to thousands of people. I think testosterone is required to really get it.

My cat Natasha is about 16 years old. She survived her companion Boris by three years now. She doesn't really like my other cat Gable, and is not too crazy about Bill. She hates Suki. I am not expecting her to live a lot longer and I worry about her. She's been in my bed, lounging, for the last 15 1/2 years. She often watches when Chuck and I have sex. I'm used to this but it still bugs Chuck, even after all this time.

Having a relationship with someone you can walk all over is fun, but only for about two weeks. Then it just gets boring and, in my case, it brings out the mean in me. I just keep pushing, waiting to see if the other person will finally grow a spine. Then I just get bored and pack it in. BTW: my husband is not someone I can walk all over. He gives as good as he gets. Maybe that's one of the reasons I fell in love with him.

I am absolutely crazy about my husband. Sometimes more than others and sometimes he just makes me crazy. But on the whole, I am totally and completely in love with him. It's really a nice feeling. Some of his virtues: he's a good kisser, he kills bugs (even though he gives me aggravation first), he has been changing diapers since Day 1, and he calls the other moms and arranges playdates for Zoe.

Chuck and I will celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary this Friday. To celebrate we're going to the year-end recital at Zoe's school. I know, we're livin' large. I expect it to be an absolutely great date.

Until next time. . .