Back in the Saddle
A Stitch in Time

June 28, 1999

Well, my sewing machine and all its attendant parts are finally back. Not without additional aggravation I didn't share with you. I will tell you that round about Wednesday or Thursday the dolt from JoAnns called and said that she had found my presser foot. Imagine that.

I went to the store Friday night and picked up my parts. Then I walked out of the store. I didn't browse. And true to my word, I will never step foot in that store again. I'm the queen of boycotts.

With parts in hand I go into my office/quilting room to finally start on my new project. Well, it's been about six weeks since I've done any sort of quilting and I will say I'm a bit rusty. Either that or a bit unfocused.

Quilting isn't difficult. It does, however, require patience and attention to detail.

I ripped and re-sewed each and every seam at least two times. I finally got one square done and called it quits. It took me about an hour and a half. It should have taken about half an hour, considering all my fabric was already cut.

I didn't get any quilting in on Saturday, between birthday parties and our anniversary date.

Last night I sat down to work on my project. The first square went together fairly painlessly. Well, the sewing part. With that one I had problems cutting. Half the material ended up in the trash. Again, not paying attention. I then started on a second square. I sewed two pieces together completely wrong, and two others with one of the pieces of material facing in the wrong direction. Then when I got it together I starting putting the squares together and put two of them in backwards. I gave up at that point. Too distracted, I guess.

I've already ripped out all but one of the mis-sewn seams. I'm going to give it another try tonight. If you hear screams you'll know that they're coming from my general direction.

I bought a new seam ripper and new blades for my rotary cutters today. A poor workman blames his tools. I'm no exception.

Until next time. . .