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November 7 , 1999

Nothing special on my mind today. Just feel like writing something, so here goes.

At home I use Netscape as my browser on the 17" monitor Santa brought me last year. So, when I compose my page this is how I view it. At the office, where technology sucks, I use Explorer on a shitty little 15" monitor. So, for those of you on 15" monitors, I apologize. My page looks much nicer at 17".

For those of you keeping track, tonight is First Sunday of the Month Dinner at Dad's. Looking forward as always. In an attempt to finally get out from under my father's controlling ways, I am going to attempt to put an end to these monthly heartburn-inducing debacles. More details to follow on that one.

We're not going to manage to be out of the country for Beth's big 4-0, so instead I'm throwing myself a party.

I'm taking this entire week off from work. I really need it. I have something like 3 weeks of accumulated vacation time and I'm totally burned out. I have some really high-powered stuff planned: movies, house cleaning, car serviced, plumber visit, service to have the dryer vent cleaned out. Don't you wish you were me?

I have made major headway into my Christmas shopping. I'm feeling pretty smug about it all. Last year we were out at the very last second. We're scaling back as far as family gifts go but I'm sure that we'll go totally nuts for Zoe. I want to get her a canopy bed (or as she calls it, a princess bed). I haven't discussed this with Chuck yet. He wants to get her one of those little electronic keyboards. She takes piano at school so I think this is something she'd love.

We're back on baby track. Went to the doctor yesterday for an ultrasound. Then they sent me packing to the pharmacy for $800 worth of drugs to make me ovulate like mad. We're trying a new mixture of drugs this time. Ugh. I should be a stark raving hormonal hellion by the time my party rolls around next Saturday. It's actually a perfect time to be off work.

The thing is, Chuck's quitting smoking seems to have made a huge difference so I'm on the verge of hopeful this time.

I drew the long straw last night and managed to get out of going to see my brothers in law do some musical act. Chuck went, with the rest of his family. I stayed home with Zoe and baby-sat for my 18 month old nephew. A small taste of what it would be like having two kids I suppose. At 10:45 I gave up trying to get them both to sleep.

Zoe knew everyone was gong to be coming over after the performance for belated birthday cake for Chuck. That girl can smell a party at 45 miles. She finally got to bed around midnight last night. For the first time in recorded history she went right to sleep. And she slept until 10:30 today. Hey, maybe we're onto something here.

Well, it's far too nice a day to be in here typing away. I'm going to enjoy some fresh air before we head out.

Until next time. . .