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November 25 , 1999

Another one down...

The turkey is digesting and that completely overwhelming urge to curl up in bed has abated--slightly. I was OK. Until the pie. Isn't that always the way?

I had one plate of food. A little bit of everything on it: turkey (dark meat only thank you very much), stuffing (cooked in the bird--much better than the healthier out-of-bird variety in my humble opinion) mashed potatoes, cranberries (canned, whole berry---Zoe and I made fresh and forgot to bring it), gravy, and rolls.

For about 15 minutes last week I thought it would be a good idea to do it at my house. Politically, it's much easier. This way I don't disappoint my dad because he can come, and we don't disappoint Chuck's mom because she comes. Then I came to my senses and accepted my mother in law's invitation. I'm very glad I did. My dad was there too so it worked out OK.

It was a small group this year--relatively speaking (no pun intended). You see, my husband has two brothers and a sister. Then there's the husband, child, fiancee, and significant other, plus me, Chuck and Zoe, and my mother in law. So dinner over there--just a normal dinner--is like cooking for a small army. Holidays, with the attendant extra guests only adds to the melee. And my mother in law's condo is not exactly what you'd call overly spacious. But...she makes it work.

But this year it was only one of the brother's with the fiancee, my dad, me, Chuck, Zoe, and my mother in law. Of course, there was enough food so that if everyone had been there, there would have still been leftovers, but isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?

That was part of the reason I wanted to have it here. I hate not having turkey leftovers. The best part of Thanksgiving for me is the leftover sandwiches the next day--turkey with lots of mayo and cranberry sauce on my mother in law's rolls. God, if I wasn't still so damned full I'd go have one of those right now.

Thanksgiving has been a hard time of year for me ever since my parent's divorced. Part of their "agreement" meant my father got to have us for Thanksgiving. Here's the rub: my mother's birthday is November 25. More often then not Thanksgiving falls on her birthday, or that long weekend and far be it from my father to take the high road and let us be with her on her birthday. There would be none of that. It was an underhanded way he could be spiteful to her but look like he was just following the "agreement."

The holiday got easier when I went away to college. I'd been living with my dad and had no contact with my mother for several years so there was really no question as to where I'd be for the great turkey fest.

It was fine for a long time--until I got married frankly. Now there's always the choosing over where to go. Chuck comes from a large family, but for me, it's just me, my dad, and Sister #2 so if I don't spend the holiday with him I end up feeling bad. Now #2 has no such problems but ever the good oldest child I have guilt.

For me, no Thanksgiving is complete without my world famous cranberry/blueberry pie. Zoe and I made it last night, completely from scratch--pie crust and all. I don't like pumpkin or pecan pie--the usual holiday suspects but I'm mad for cranberry/blueberry pie, with vanilla ice cream on it. It's sweet, tart, and juicy all at the same time. Let me know if you'd like the recipe.

I was going to share some very funny Thanksgiving anecdotes with you all but that overwhelming sleepy feeling is creeping back up on me.

Gobble Gobble...

Until next time. . .

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