Meeting of the Minds
Balancing Act



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October 3, 1999

Well, yesterday was the first official meeting of LA jouralers. Of course, I'm an old pro at this now since I've done this, what, three times now.

OK, you probably know who was there, but I'll tell you anyway (and provide some gratuitous links).

The event took place at Nancy's house. Really cool house. Really nice lady. I just recently found her journal (thanks honey) and was very much looking forward to meeting her. I laughed when I read her list of things she had to do to prepare for the event. I e-mailed back to her. I only had one thing to do: lose 20 pounds. Well, she got her list done. Still working on mine.

Tamar was there. I've met Tamar before. Actually several times. Chuck and I had dinner with her and Dan about three lifetimes ago. Before Zoe and Damian. Before Chuck and I were even married. I've been reading her journal since it started and though we hadn't talked or seen each other in probably three years, I felt like I knew exactly what was going on and it didn't take any time to feel like no time had passed.

Meg was there when Chuck and I arrived. I guess we were the first official guests since Meg was helping to organize this. (I thought it started at 4, oops it was 5.) I liked Meg immediately. As soon as we got home I found her journal and started plowing through it.

Miriam, Ri, Mahyra, and Diane were all there too. I am glad to see that Diane has finally found her taste buds again. Her contribution was an incredible looking chocolate cake that her boyfriend Vicktor Benes baked--especially for her. Yum.

In a moment that would have to fall under the title of Quintessential Southern California, while preparing some vinaigrette for the chopped tomatoes that were to go on the crostini, I turned to Nancy and asked if she had any Balsamic Vinegar. Her answer, of course, was yes. But, I didn't see any Grey Poupon.

I would consider the evening a success. We talked. We ate. We read entries. We gossiped about other journalers. And altogether a fun time was had by all.

Life is a balancing act. Relationships are balancing acts. Keeping an on-line journal is a balancing act. Each step you take has to be weighed. What are the consequences? Are they worth the risk? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. And sometimes you just throw caution to the wind and things are a little off kilter for a while. And sometimes it's worth it and sometimes not.

When I wrote my entry on Friday night I was really mad at my husband. In case you're wondering, he knew what I wrote (albeit after it was on the web) and we talked about it and it was over and done with. And I don't regret the post.

And those of you who've read this journal, I mean really read it, know that I love my husband, truly, madly, deeply. And, to give him a little positive air time: on Wednesday night I came home and he had gotten flowers for me. "Why," I asked. "Because it's Wednesday," was his response.

I presented my feelings. I didn't present the whole story. Suffice it to say that it wasn't the first time the dishes issue had come up and I'm sure it won't be the last. But, those of you who have been around for a while know that this is Beth's World on these here pages. If you don't like it, take the next link outta here.

The first of you who has not been upset with their spouse, significant other, roommate, or other, for not doing their share of the chores can cast the first stone.

I don't think that person is Dave Van.

Dave, silly Dave. You took my comments out of proportion. Did something hit a little too close to home? Could it be that it struck a chord?

Dave: you, chastised me in private e-mail and when you didn't like my response (Bite Me, in case any of you are interested), you took it public.

In the immortal words of Mr. T: Pity the Fool.

Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave.

You present your family life out there for all to see. It can only be described in one word: DYSFUNCTIONAL. How dare you criticize me in public? How dare you presume to know how I treat my husband and family? Has anything here or here given you (or anyone else for that matter) the impression that we're a bunch of lunatics running the asylum?

Have you ever read an entry from Chuck describing how I threw a box of nails all over the garage? Then he threw all the clean laundry around the bedroom. But wait, then he felt bad about it and folded it all and then went and cleaned the garage. And that's only one of your most recent debacles.

Can you say whipped Dave? I think you might start practicing.

Don't presume to know what is going on in my life or with my family and hold it out as an example of bad behavior. Look in the mirror Dave.

Dave, it was childish and inappropriate.

But hey, thanks for the link. I got a ton of hits.

Until next time. . .