August 4, 2002



Dr. Love


Way back in the past, deep behind the veils of time, I went through a period where, in addition to my day job, I sidelined as a working journalist. I worked as a stringer for several local papers; I covered high school sports for the L.A. Times, City Council meetings for the Pasadena Weekly, Glendale/La Canada community events for the (now gone) Foothill Leader, and edited at least one Special Edition for the Leader. Nothing much is left of those days, at least not in my records. Somewhere around here, slowly fading in a cat-pee-stained cardboard box, is a copy of the Weekly with me posing nude on the cover holding a strategically placed folder labled "Taxes" as an illustration for an IRS piece they did, but that’s it for, um, hard copies of my journalistic excellence.

But I also wrote a column for the Weekly. An advice column on dating, if you can believe that: Calling Dr. Love. Yes, it’s true: I was Dr. Love.

Stop laughing.

I was Dr. Love and I dispensed Prescriptions for Love on a weekly basis. The column ran in conjunction with the paper’s personal ads and part of my job was to pick an ad each week, interview them, and give them a little write-up in the column. It was about as lame as it sounds -- and the ads were even lamer.

This was back in the pre-Dawn era of the Internet. BBSes were the big thing back then – for geeks, that is. "Normal" people thought a bulletin board was something you stuck thumbtacks in. The ‘Net was still several years away yet. But we did have modems by then – 1200 baud was smokin’ fast – and I was able to submit my columns electronically.

I still have those columns. Just recovered them from a dusty stack of 3.5 floppy diskettes, in fact. Cleaned them up, edited out the lame interviews with the lame personal ad writers, coded them into HTML, set up a Dr. Love lounge for the site, uploaded them to deadpan. Thought it might be fun to put them out there again.

So let’s set the Wayback Machine for 1992, shall we? Come, Sherman, the Doctor is in.