October 20, 2002



Love Ride


On November 10 I'll be riding in my second Love Ride. I'll be riding with my close personal friend and gloating Road King owner, Steve. Last year's ride was a miserable affair because it was raining cats and dogs. Cats, dogs, motorcycles and rain do not a good mix make. My buddy who went with me wanted to turn back early because he was cold and his crotch was getting wet. Wah. I shamed him into pressing on. I have better expectations of Steve -- he's made of sterner stuff. Or at least tries to pretend to be.

What is the Love Ride? It's an annual motorcycle event that raises money for a variety of charities ranging from the Muscular Dystrophy Association to Reading by Nine to the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California, to name just a few. It's the biggest one-day motorcycle event in the world and it's all about raising money for charity.

This year, Love Ride 19's goal is to raise more than $1,000,000. I've kicked in $50 of my own money toward this goal, and now I'm going to put the arm on you to kick in some of your own.

I'm asking you, my readers, to sponsor me.

My fundraising goal is $600. As I write this, I've raised $205 of that. I ask that you contribute $5. If that's too steep for you, a smaller donation will be appreciated just as much, and of course if you're rolling in dough you should feel free to contribute more. If you don't want to contribute at all, then by all means don't and there'll be no hard feelings. But if you do want to kick in, $5 is all I'm asking. No matter how much you donate, it's that much more toward the $1,000,000 goal that we didn't have before, so: thank you!

Do you want to donate $5 to the cause? Outstanding. You can either click on the Love Ride graphic below or click here to go to my Love Ride fundraising page.


Love Ride 19


Thank you for your generosity. I'll tell Steve you said "hi" when we do the ride.