April 17, 2003



M*A*G Rides Again ... For The Very 1st Time


Way back in the mists of time, back when I was still putting up a new entry every three months or so, back when that laggardly pace was frequent enough that I could convince myself that I was still running an active journal, way back then Steve and I had a road trip planned. He had a shiny new Harley-Davidson Road King and I had a financial fantasy about renting one of my own for a weekend and we were going to road-trip it up to San Francisco together to attend JournalCon 2002 (which I still think of as JC2K+2). But then I went to Vegas and bled money all over the craps tables and didn't win the mounds of cash I felt was due me and so I couldn't afford to rent the Hog and my own pseudo-Hog wasn't really up to a LA-SF-LA round trip and so we just never went. Or, rather, I didn't go and Steve went without me and it just wasn't the same and M*A*G was never revealed.

Well, this weekend M*A*G is, perhaps, being revived, perhaps to be revealed, certainly to be reviewed. This weekend, M*A*G will ride again. For the very first time.

Saturday morning, I am flying to Oakland, where I will exchange a cashier's check with very large numbers and far too many zeros for the 2001 Yamaha Road Star pictured below. Shortly after this exchange, I will meet Steve somewhere in the wilds of Raidertown and we'll spend the rest of the day doing whatever aging suburbanite guys deep in the depths of mid-life crises do when they find themselves in a strange town astride large bore motorcycles. We'll bed down that night at Casa de Bob, home of a man who's no doubt saddled his share of two-wheeled vehiculars, and in the morning Steve and I will road-trip our way back home on the 2nd half of the trip we never took six months before.

M*A*G will ride again, for the very first time. And maybe, just maybe, we'll tell you about it.

Ain't it purty?