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Hit Parade

Hey, thanks for the hits, Nancy! I'll be the first to admit you have more readers than I, so everyone you steer this way just adds to my readership. Thanks for the exposure.

As for you folks she steered over here, if you're wondering what her fumbled attempt at sarcasm was all about you should check out my entry here that prompted it.



Sunday, 8/30/98
Doin' It Nancy Style

I got up early and played with Zoe. Then I fed her breakfast: two small pancakes from the freezer. She wasn't very hungry so I ate one of them. When Beth got up we each had a cup of coffee, then I went out to buy a paper and we both read it. Later, Zoe took a nap.

We went to Jack's house in the afternoon to go swimming. The water was warm but not uncomfortably so and I enjoyed scrunching my toes on the pebbled surface of the pool. Jack served dinner afterward. We had salmon and garlic shrimp and a really spicy pasta salad. I drank a Henry Weinhard's Root Beer with dinner, but I was disappointed because I really wanted a Weinhard's Creme Soda and Jack was out of them. Beth had a Dr. Brown's Creme Soda. I don't know what everyone else had.

After dinner Jack showed us pictures of the couch he plans to buy and swatches of the fabric he plans to cover it with, a bergundy ultrasuede. It felt just like suede, only more so. We all agreed it was pretty and felt really nice.

When we got home we put Zoe to bed, then Beth worked on a quilt she's making and I puttered in my office. At one point I drank a Pepsi, which was quite cold and refreshing, and Beth may have had a Dr. Pepper. I don't know if hers was cold and refreshing.

Then we went to bed.

This entry is dedicated to Nancy as thanks for her dedication to me. I've been so impressed with the utter superficiality of her journal entries that I decided to emulate her style today in tribute.


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