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Wednesday - 9/2/98
Entrus Interruptus

Frustration has been building lately. It's all about this new job I've got, the one that's supposed to be paying me oodles of money. So far, no oodles, not a one.

Part of that is my fault, but only a very small part. I started this gig way back in July; logged a few hours the first week, then taught classes and racked up quite a few hours over the next two weeks, then finally got around to submitting my first invoice. At that point the last paycheck I'd seen was my final check from the last job, received in the middle of July, so I was starting to hurt a little bit, but that was (I thought) my fault since I took so long to submit my first invoice. Well, that was August 14 and I still haven't been paid yet.

They keep telling me they're working on it and assuring me I'll get the check soon, and meanwhile the days keep ticking by and my bank account gets thinner and thinner. The latest twist was that I was guaran-damn-teed I'd get the check tomorrow, Thursday, but then the Accounts Payable guy called yesterday to tell me it'll be sometime next week. Was I pissed? Oh yeah, and I made damn sure he knew it. He probably had to ice his ear when I got finished with him. But when I was finished tearing him a new asshole, aurally, I'd made no progress: check will be ready next week, nothing I can do about it. Damn. My boss assured me today that I will have a check Fed-Ex'ed to me by Friday afternoon, but I'm taking that with a Gibraltar-sized grain of salt. So I'm a little pissy about all that.

Fortunately, that plays right into my having to take tomorrow off. Remember that upcoming (pun not intended) date with a specimen cup I mentioned last week? Well, Beth's ovulation kit says it's Go Time tomorrow. I have to be in the doc's office mid-afternoon to woo my plastic-lidded love so that the product of that stimulating union can be used Beth's unmentionables shortly afterward. It's Round Two of the baby dance. Wish us luck.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... We're down to one dog tonight, temporarily, we hope. I dropped Suki off at the vet this morning to have her fixed -- and she didn't even know she was broken. With my medical background I'm always a little nervous about surgeries, even surgeries involving animals, so I wasn't terribly thrilled to hand her over to

This entry truncated due to a number of extenuating circumstances, including heat, apathy, narcolepsy, HBO, sex, etcetera.

To be continued...


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