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Regarding tonight's MTV Video Music Awards...

Do the rappers know how silly they look and how unintelligible they are when they start yapping on about east coast/west coast, "shout outs," and whatever else they're hollering about that I can't understand? And on that subject, is "positivity" an actual word?

Courtney Love apologized for using a "big word," saying "I'm too intellectual for the small screen." Yeah, right. Use "intellectual" in another sentence. I dare you.

Could Jada Pinkett-Smith have a little more attitude? Just a smidge? Please?

Madonna's British?

On the positivity tip, here's a big shout-out to Will Smith for bringing his son up on stage.

Darn, Celine Deon didn't win anything. Guess she'll have to sing the theme to Titanic another million times.

And one final musical note... Zoe's musical education is coming along strong. Driving in the car, she likes to groove to Aretha, and if you ask her "Who's Aretha Franklin?" she'll tell you straight out: "She's the Queen of Soul."


Thursday - 9/10/98
Piss and Moan

...and the frustration continues to build. Here it is eight days after the last entry where I bitched about not getting paid yet, and I still haven't seen a paycheck.

Well, that's not quite true; I have seen one, I just haven't seen mine. The company finally got their shit together and issued the checks Tuesday, then handed them off to a temp to send them out via Fed-Ex. The temp, being a temp, screwed it up by sending my check to my co-worker and hers to me. Guess who's not happy.

On the bright side, the checks are finally out there ... somewhere ... and now it's up to my co-worker and me to sort things out. I Fed-Exed hers to her today, so she should get it tomorrow. On the dark side, my check is in Delivery Hell. Nobody's quite sure where it is. My co-worker wasn't home when Fed-Ex came by with my check, so they left it on her doorstep. Then my boss got on the horn with them and told them to retrieve it from her doorstep and deliver it to mine. Did they? Will they? Who knows.

As it stands now, my boss promises me she'll have another check issued for me "immediately" if I don't get the in-transit one tomorrow morning. Somehow, that fails to reassure me. I figure if they couldn't get my check out on time with 14 days notice, how on earth can they issue another with no notice at all? I'm not hopeful, kids. It's getting to be mac 'n cheese time around here and there's no end in sight.

So I've been pretty tense about the money situation, and that's making me hard to live with. I'm not easy to live with under the best of circumstances, I don't think, and I'm even worse when I have a reason to be pissed off. I'm terse with Beth, snappish with Zoe, and I'm entertaining fantasies of killing both our dogs if they don't stop mock-fighting in the house.

Ever seen an Akita (Suki) and a pit bull (Billy) go after one another? It's messy and loud: furniture gets knocked over, small children get knocked over, screen doors get knocked off-track, there's much running and chasing and skittering on hardwood floors, all accompanied by frenzied growling and barking and excited yelping. It's a madhouse, it's constant, it's driving me nuts, and it's--

Fuck. It's not just the dogs, it's also a fucking cat. I just now had to chase one out of my office because the little fucker peed in the corner while I was sitting here not five feet away. We have two cats: Natasha, who lives under or on the bed in our bedroom 24/7, and Gable, who has taken up permanent residence in my office ever since we got Suki. It's Gable who just peed in the corner -- he's been doing it for weeks, you can tell by the smell, but this is the first time I've caught him -- and now he's entering my "kill the dogs" fantasy. I'm thinking I'd like to beat both dogs to death with Gable, thus, so to speak, killing two curs with one ... cat (Sorry, couldn't come up with a cat rhyme for "stone.") and solving the cat problem to boot.

I'd never do that, of course, but at times like this I do have my morbid little fantasies. With that cheery image in mind, I'll leave you with a quote from an old girlfriend: "Remind me never to get on your bad side" and a quote from me: "Pay me, damn it."


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