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In Other News

Still not much other news. The most noteworthy occurence is that we're in escrow on the old house again. There was a brief one-day bidding war that ended with us accepting an offer just a hair below our asking price.

We're relieved, but taking it with a mine of salt. We'll believe it when escrow closes. We've been though this before, after all.


Sunday -- July 25, 1999
Five Thousand Words

Sorry for the spotty updates lately, folks, but I just haven't felt like writing entries. No particular reason for that, I just haven't felt like it. In fact, for the first time since I started doing this, the idea of quitting has even crossed my mind. I haven't made a decision on that; in fact I'm not really even considering it, but the concept is lurking about. One night when the fuckits become too overwhelming, I may well decide to up and pull the plug. You just never know -- and neither do I. But I'll be sure to say "goodbye" first if I do.

In the meantime I still don't really feel like writing an entry tonight, but duty calls, so... Here we are.

I was monkeying around with my scanner today and I finally managed to network it to my main PC, so now I can see the scans on a decent monitor. And so, since I can finally get a good result, I've been scanning some of the stuff I've been shooting recently.

In lieu of an actual entry, I'm putting up some of the better shots I've gotten of Zoe in the last week or so. Marvel at her beauty, if you will, until I feel more like writing actual words.

How not to wash the car

Inspecting a captured roly-poly

Showering pre swimming lesson
And not happy about it

Pontificating at the midday snack

Swinging "as high as the sky"


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