Ladies Who Lunch
Lunchtime Talk

August 20, 1999

Well, had the big lunch date with Viv yesterday. I just read her entry and would say she pretty much hit the nail on the head. One thing though, I didn't notice a huge piece of mint on her front tooth or I would have told her. Viv...I promise, I would have.

With the exception of the mint drinks, the food was not as good as my last outing, and it is a bit loud, but those were my only disappointments.

Admittedly, I did say that her real name seems fluffier than her nom de net, but Viv is by no stretch of anyone's imagination fluffy. She's smart, attractive, tall, well spoken, interesting, and really really nice. It's just that the name Viv to me implies dark and exotic. And she's just not that. She's fair with blonde hair.

Anyway, Viv looked quite striking in a lovely brown sheath dress. The high heels she wore only added to her height. I don't wear heels anymore and considering the fact that I was walking to the restaurant, even if I did wear them, I wouldn't have.

So, I felt a little short and dumpy.

But the conversation flowed. We had questions for each other. What's so and so's real name? What do you do for a living? Where do you live? Etc.

It was nice. Too short but nice. But, like a good first date, it seems like we both left wanting more.

This is a good thing.

In contrast to yesterday's lunch, today I grabbed a quick sandwich and ate in the office lunchroom with the usual suspects.

Discussion in the lunchroom is not quite so well rounded as yesterday's. As an example, I actually found myself saying the following today, "If someone asks you to go on Jerry Springer with them, it's probably not going to be good news."

While not deep and meaningful, I don't believe truer words have ever been spoken.

Think about it.

Until next time. . .