Big Bang Boom

July 4, 1999

Perhaps this entry should be the other way around. The Something first.

Well, unfortunately, the rabbit did not die. I was pretty sad yesterday but feel better today. Onward and upward. The doctor said to call him on Tuesday and we'll come up with a plan. Chuck and I have some more talking to do about this before we can have a plan.

Happy 4th of July! Dig this patriotic color scheme? I did it myself :)

While this is a holiday with deep roots in our American culture I think it's more of a reason to get an extra day off at the start of the summer. One woman's opinion.

Last year we'd just moved into our house a month before. We were still getting settled. When some friends invited us over we jumped at the chance. They said you could see fireworks from a nearby amphitheater from in front of their house.

The usual fare was offered--hamburgers, hot dogs, beer, chips, dips, and when it got dark the fireworks started.

I love fireworks. When we were kids my dad used to get really big ones and do a whole fireworks spectacular. Then we moved to LA and fireworks were illegal. We used to go down to Santa Monica pier and see the fireworks and then they started doing them at something like 5 in the morning to reduce the possibility of gang violence. We stopped going.

So it was nice to see fireworks from Tim and Chris' last year.

Little did we know. . .

We were driving home from their house and turned onto our street and BOOM. Huge fireworks. I mean really HUGE fireworks. Right in our own backyard.

Apparently Valley College does a big display every year.

We decided at that very minute we'd be doing the 4th at our house next year.

Well here it is next year and I invited a bunch of people over. I'm not really sure how many though. I kind of lost track of who I invited. I'm guessing there will be maybe 20 people. It'll be later this afternoon. Then we'll either stand in our backyard or go onto the side street and see some really good pyrotechnics. It's not the Hollywood Bowl but it'll be better than what my dad used to do.

In honor of this distinctly American holiday we're having a Mediterranean theme BBQ. Lamb kabobs, chicken, hummos, Greek salad, olives, eggplant dip, yoghourt and mint. Chuck thought I should get some hamburgers and hot-dogs. If he wants that he can just go to one of the neighbors houses.

My daughter is supposed to be napping right now. She's been in her room for going on two hours now. Not a wink of sleep has she seen. I hear her, singing at the top of her lungs. She'll probably fall asleep about 5 minutes before the guests arrive and will be good and cranky when the fireworks start. But, the gate is up and she's stuck in there until I'm ready to let her out.

Until next time. . .