I'm Your Venus
This is Bonnie from Monrovia

July 5, 1999

The 70's are often referred to as the decade of bad fashion and bad music.

I'll give you the bad fashion. Never before and never since has an entire country used so much polyester. And I think polyester is a very bad thing.

I used to agree with the bad music part. Disco sucks! Disco is dead! I've said it. I've lived it. I agreed with it.

Then there was the 80's. Really big hair. Madonna. Underwear as outerwear. Ripped sweatshirts a la Flashdance. Punk rock music. New wave music.

Now it's the 90's. Everyone is fond of saying, "It's not the 80's anymore." What will people be saying in the 00's to define this decade? Hmmmm. A deep and powerful question.

But back to the 80's. In the 80's I'd already graduated from college. I was working. Living on my own. Growing up. I listened to the music. Wore the hairdo's and fashions. Went to the clubs. I lived it. Now I'm done with it and on to the next phase.

A lot of people seem to be stuck in the 80's though. And it seems to me, these people are the people who were still in diapers or grade school actually during this decade.

LA radio has a fascination with 80's music. One particular station uses every possible opportunity to play all 80's all the time. I'm not sure if this is preferable to the every 20 minute rotation of that new Madonna song. Both are very tiresome.

Suzi from Redondo will call and request Billy Idol. Oh, I just love him. My guess, she was eating either some sort of Gerber concoction or a Happy Meal while Billy was rocking at his hardest. She probably only knows about him because of something her parents told her. Either that or MTV.

Bonnie from Monrovia would like to hear Bananarama. Inez from Montebello requesting Holiday by Madonna.

Please. People. A lot of really good music has been made since then. Let's move on and embrace the time we're living in.

No wonder I prefer to listen to Books on Tape or NPR.

Am I old?

Until next time. . .