Low Maintenace?
Natural Beauty

July 7, 1999

In the big scheme of things I think I'm pretty low maintenance. Note that there are two qualifiers in that sentence: big scheme and I think. I'm absolutely certain that my husband has a different opinion. But as always, we're in Beth's world here.

When I mean low maintenance I suppose I consider it in relation to other people I know. And I specifically refer to the time it takes me to get ready and the amount of lotions, potions, and other things I require on a daily basis. From the time I get up in the morning to walking out the door can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes if necessary--and that's to work, 10 minutes on the weekend.

Beauty requires a lot of work. The closer 40 looms on the horizon the more work it is frankly just to maintain the status quo--this does not include going for flat out gorgeous.

There's the hair: now an extremely natural combination of shades of browns and blondes. Amazingly, virtually the same color my daughter's hair is. Of course to keep mine regular, every-six-week-trips to the hair dresser for a two process color and weave are required. Gray starting getting the lead on my head round about 35.

The nails: twice monthly manicures and a pedicure once a month.

Waxing the eyebrows.

That's it though.

I had been getting my legs waxed for about 15 years. Then it got to be a hassle. The lady I used to go to was close to my apartment--a place I haven't lived for 6 years now and schlepping to the other side of the hill was such a pain that I spent a fair amount of time looking like Monkey Woman. So back to shaving I went. OK, lower maintenance already.

An old roommate in college, Kim, required two hours. Two hours! And it wasn't like she looked truly spectacular after spending all that time. OK, it was the era of the Farrah Fawcett hairdo and all that blow drying, spraying, curling ironing, and hot curlering stuff does take a chunk of time.

And those lotions and potions. I am not really a beauty product junkie. Sister #1 has been using throat cream since she was 12. There is not a lotion or potion that has been or will be made that she won't try, even if only once.

All this leads me to my point, I must just have natural beauty, or I'm certain I would require much more work.

Lots of other stuff going on around here these days:

Our 4th of July Mediterranean BBQ was a success. Mr. and Mrs. Evaporation, and their daughter came. A delight, one and all.

I got a phone call from an old college roommate, Nancy, on Sunday. We hadn't talked in years. We got together on Monday. It was wonderful to see her and catch up. We exchanged e-mail addresses so now it's less likely that we'll lose track of each other again. Nancy and I traveled through Europe together at least once but I'm thinking we did it twice. We used to have what could only be classified as too much fun.

As of tomorrow night our other house will officially be for sale. Keep your fingers crossed.

Zoe started swimming lessons today. This is exciting and very very very scary all at once.

Until next time. . .