Weekend Update
It's Not the Heat, It's the Stupidity

July 13, 1999

Ugh. . . this is the second time I'm re-loading this page because for whatever reason I screwed up all my links. That'll learn me not to be more careful. Everything works now and goes to the right place. I'm not as clueless as all that. Clearly a case of heat, combined with stupidity.

I thought I'd start you all off with a couple of updates.

First item: the party snub. Little Mimi's party was the Saturday after the last official day of school. The following Monday was the start of summer session. Mimi has not been back to school and as far as I can tell, Zoe heard nothing about the party. It's just as well. I haven't called her parents. I haven't dealt with the issue at all. I think this was the best approach. Thanks to all of you with your comments and advice.

I know that a lot of my feelings about the whole thing were feelings I have, as an adult, that I was projecting onto Zoe. Mercifully, she's young and naive and is blissfully unaware of anything that happened.

This month's First Sunday of the Month Dinner at Dad's was pushed back to the second Sunday since the first Sunday was 4th of July and we had our now traditional Mediterranean BBQ fest.

Well, Sister #2 was not at dinner. Now, there was another HUGE disappointment. Dad strayed from the tried and true steaks but he substituted out with ribs and grilled veggies. It was actually surprisingly delicious. No sticky gooey dessert though.

The evening passed relatively stress free, for a change.

This getting Zoe to bed thing has gotten worse lately. Last night, even though she was in bed by 8:30 she was still up at 11:00 when I went to bed. We had at least 10 I'm scared's, 3 spider incidents (two real, one imagined), 4 I'm thirsty's, and at least other 17 miscellaneous problems.

It is officially summer in Southern Cal. We finally turned the A/C on July 5. I HATE hot weather. I HATE hot weather and humidity even more. And we've had more than our share of both for the last two weeks.

I could never do justice explaining it any better than this.

I get irritable, cranky, and am all all together unpleasant to be around. (Not that I'm all lightness and charm regularly anyway.)

The thing is, while I hate heat, I hate air conditioning. It's too cold when it's on and blowing and the second it goes off it's too hot. My sinuses hurt and my skin dries out. But the thought of going without it is even worse than the evils it brings (not to mention the high-triple-digit electric bills).

Maybe I should move to Alaska.

And the thing about weather in Southern California--we have really only two seasons: summer and the other one. Yet the weather is a topic of almost endless fascination for Angelinos. "It's never like this, this time of year."

Here's a news flash: it's always like this this time of year. No one likes to admit it though.

Until next time. . .