All the Other Dogs Will Laugh
It'll Grow Back, Redux

June 19, 1999

Summer has finally arrived. Ugh. We've had several days in a row of mid 80's to low 90's. It's still cooling off at night and it hasn't gotten hot enough to actually turn on the air conditioner, but summer is definitely here. Again, ugh.

I know I'm miserable in the heat but imagine being a 100+ pound dog with a heavy fur coat in this heat. This would describe Suki. Well, it would have described Suki yesterday. Today she is a 100+ pound dog with no fur.

On the glamorous schedule for today were flea baths for both dogs. These baths serve two purposes: get rid of the fleas, and cool the dogs off.

Suki has been miserable in the heat. I can tell.

I try brush her every weekend, and to get in one night during the week. Each time I brush her, the equivalent of a cocker spaniel comes out.

We had heard about people who shave their dogs and I thought this might be a good idea. When we were at the dog park a couple of weekends ago there was a chow there that had been shaved. It looked pretty goofy and it wasn't all that hot yet, but the dog didn't seem to mind. One of the people we were talking to said that it's not a good idea to shave your dog. She said that shaved dogs don't perspire properly. OK.

I told Chuck I thought it would be a good idea to shave Suki. Akita's are prone to hot spots and this is a good way to minimize the possibility. Never mind the fact that if I had all that hair I'd be miserable, and there's always enough shedded dog hair around this house to kill an asthmatic. Chuck thought we should see what the vet had to say before doing something like this.

Well, as today was bath day I decided that I would just check with the vet. The technician I spoke with said that it was the right thing to do. It'll end up saving us a lot of time, money, and aggravation. My biggest fear was if the other dogs would laugh at Suki. He assured me they would, but that it was still the best thing to do.

The vet's office referred me to a groomer and off Suki and I went. I swear it was like the first day I dropped Zoe off at preschool I was so anxious.

They must have thought I was a lunatic because about five minutes after I got home the phone rang and it was the groomer assuring me that Suki was being a perfect angel. You never know with Akita's. Suki is really well socialized but she is a dog after all.

They had instructions to give Suki what is called a "lion cut". This means the head, tail, and legs, from the dog elbow down are left furry, but the rest is shaved. I guess we were just going to have to see.

I'm here to tell you that the other dogs and definitely going to laugh. Bill (our other dog) was rolling in hysterics until Suki bit his tail in relatiation.

Suki looks absolutely ridiculous. When she and I pulled into the driveway Zoe and Chuck were outside waiting for us. They were laughing and Chuck was shaking his head.

Me, I didn't think it looked all that bad, and like I said after Chuck cut Zoe's hair, it'll grow back.

Until next time. . .