A Few Updates
Oh, So That's What Happened


September 9 , 1999

From the volumes of mail I get on a-near hourly basis from all you faithful readers I realized I am somewhat remiss in filling you in on the outcomes of some of the more interesting posts I have put up lately.

So, stop your wondering. If there's something I forgot and you're dying to know about, drop me a line. I'll fill you in.

1. Mental health intervention for Sister #2. Well, #1 and I tried as hard as two people could to talk my dad out of it. It went as poorly as you might have imagined. Lots of screaming, yelling, tantrums, and accusations. The end product, however, was a surprise to all involved.

#2 and my dad are going to go to family counseling. This is a HUGE thing. My father is a permanent resident in the land of denial, and when you add to that the fact that he is the ultimate control freak, I'm guessing there are going to be one or two major revelations at their therapy sessions.

The biggest problem with the two of them is that they're so very much alike and see their worst qualities in the other one.

So, the jury is still out on this one but it can't get any worse then it was that Sunday so it's all uphill from here.

2. #1 and I did our spa day at Burke Williams. It was good but not absolutely brilliant as I'd hoped. Just call me a spa snob.

3. The pool is still up but the weather has not cooperated so with the exception of that one hot day last month, it's remained covered in the backyard. I'm guessing we'll be taking it down in a couple of weeks.

Oh well. Next summer we'll be able to put it up behind the garage. We'll do it earlier too so we can use it all summer.

4. My Orange Glo arrived. Yeah!

OK, so the box gets here. I am tingling with anticipation. I open the box. It doesn't look all that impressive. I'm bumming hard.

I save all the packaging materials and whatnot because I figure I'm just going to have to send all this stuff back and get my money back.

Right before its arrival I discover that my brand spankin new white linen shirt has a series of small mystery stains on the back of it. I try using some stain remover and washing it. No luck. I don't put it on the dryer but hang it so I don't set the stain.

I take it to the cleaners so they can launder it. She looks at the stain and says she doesn't think they can get it out. I try to explain to this lovely woman (for whom English is not her first language) that if the stain doesn't come out I don't want it dried or ironed. After about a second I say never mind and decide to have another go at it myself. I get home from the cleaners and there it is: my Orange Glo.

Now remember, their products have miracle stain removing abilities, undoubtedly due to the oxygen.

So I read the directions, prepare a paste (for extra heavy stain fighting), spread it on the spots on the shirt and wait an hour. I brush off the paste (which has now turned back to powder) and sure enough--STAIN GONE. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I then discovered a couple of spots I missed and merely reused the powder I had just brushed off and it worked again. It didn't eat a hole in the fabric or anything.

If nothing else, this oxygen stuff rocks. I'm going to have a try at Zoe's t-shirts and see if I can get any of those stains out.

Call me a geek but I'm pleased as punch.

5. Chuck did not spend the Labor Day weekend repairing the pipes from Zoe's bathtub. Who knows when that will ever happen.

6. Escrow is moving along. I still have a few things to get taken care of, but it looks like we'll be closing on schedule.

The tenants move out on the 15th. Not a minute too soon. I am not landlord material.

7. I had the Gas Company out here yesterday. One of the dogs had knocked into the emergency earthquake gas shutoff valve and stopped all gas service to the house. Unfortunately I discovered this first thing in the morning while trying to make a cup of coffee.

Well, about and hour after my call the service guy shows up. Coincidentally, it was the same guy who came to my house Thanksgiving morning to relight my water heater.

As an aside, I think that of all the public utilities out there, the Gas Company has provided consistently friendly and helpful service, at all hours of the day and night.

Anyway, while he was restarting the gas service I had him have a look at the fire pit/fountain. All the rocks are still out of it and I found the incoming gas line but still cannot find the place where you put the key to turn it on. Well, Mr. Gas Company was completely useless. So, there it sits, waiting for my next move. Any suggestions?

8. I'm still having trouble falling asleep. This really sucks. I've cut out sugar and caffeine past 3 in the afternoon. I might just have Chuck knock me in the head with a big stick at about 10 tonight. Maybe then I'll get some sleep finally.

Until next time. . .